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Ocean City: One Ocean City 1980 Beachtag $35.00 One Ocean City 1981 Beachtag $35.00 One Ocean City 1986 Beachtag $30.00 One Ocean City 1976 Beachtag $150.00 One Ocean City 1990 Beachtag $15.00 One Ocean City 1995 Beachtag $15.00 One Ocean City 1995 Beachtag $15.00 One Ocean City 1979 Beachtag $70.00 One Ocean City 1978 Beachtag $50.00 One Ocean City 1978 Beachtag $50.00 One Ocean City 1999 Beachtag $15.00 One Ocean City 1992 Beachtag $20.00
New York: One Putnam Lake 1974 tag $100.00
Margate / Ventnor: One Margate Ventnor 1995 Beachtag $10.00 One Margate Ventnor 1983 Beachtag $32.00 One Margate Ventnor 1985 Beachtag $25.00 One Margate Ventnor 1986 Beachtag $20.00 One Margate Ventnor 1988 Beachtag $15.00 One Margate Ventnor 1984 Beachtag $30.00 One Margate Ventnor 1977 Beachtag $60.00

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